nankurunaisa meaning whatever happens, happens or everything in the end will be alright



❝ Will you follow me, one last time? 

a very late wedding gift for mungoe, it was supposed to be a single request but i love this amazing person so i decided to expand it a bit.

In case you didn’t know, it’s a crossover of Gajevy and our favorite movie ‘The Hobbit’: Gajeel as the king of the Dwarfs and Levy as a peace-loving Hobbit girl ^^ all ideas are suggested by Mungoe, i just drew the illustration. 

Screenshots: 2 3 4

Soo guess who spent her tip on Star Lords blasters?! Me!!! #noshame #batman #gotg

I sometimes find it really fcking irritating that no matter which group of friends I hang out with. I’m always the single one. Like wtf. *sighs* depressed over school and depressed over this. Fck me. Please.